The BBC has failed to broadcast a tribute program to Colin McRae.

This was going to be the second in the three-part series "Racing Legends", profiling Britain's greatest racing drivers, the other two being Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart. In place of the McRae program scheduled for December 28th the BBC brought forward the Stewart program. You see, the three episodes were to be shown over three consecutive nights, so logically it would be shown tonight, the 29th, which it has not.

There is no word on whether or not McRae's episode will be shown, however go looking on and people who contacted the BBC have reported that the episode is not going to be broadcast any time soon - if ever. I personally find this disgusting of the BBC, who obviously have either shelved it for legal reasons or have decided to not light on the touchy subject of his death. Although another factor I can think of is popularity; whereas the two other drivers were both at the top level of motorsport in their day - international grand prix, F1 - with perhaps the most media coverage, rally racing has always been in the shadows, a niche sport that is relatively under-the-radar.

Seriously p*ssed off right now.

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