Rod Millen debuted his Millen Motorsports Toyota Celica at the 1994 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The AWD, carbon fibre-bodied prototype was powered to a record time of 10:04.060 by an 850bhp, 1,500 Nm, 2.1L turbocharged 4-cylinder taken from the IMSA GTP AAR Eagle[1].

Millen replaced the Celica with the Tacoma in 1998, but was unable to best his time. In fact, his record was not beaten until 2007, when Nobuhiro Tajima set a time of 10:01.408 in his Suzuki XL-7[2].

Colin McRae: DiRTEdit

Icon ToyotaCelica GT Pikes Peak
Toyota celica gt pikes peak
DisciplineHillclimb Unlimited
Power960 bhp/tonne
Torque1,500 Nm

“This is the record holder at Pikes Peak, in its gravel incarnation. The current Celica has awesome power at over eight-hundred horsepower, and the massive spoiler helps keep it stuck to the floor. This could be the best hill car on the circuit.”
Travis Pastrana, Colin McRae DiRT
The Toyota Celica GT Pikes Peak is a Hillclimb Unlimited car in Colin McRae DiRT.


  • Akrapovic
  • BF Goodrich
  • Pennzoil



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