Hailing from the Spanish village of Golmés, Industrias Lahoz manufacturers racing machines for a variety of different categories under the "Speedcar" brand. Their models include the Speedcar TTX and Speedcar Xtrem crosskarts, which are eligible for CarCross and Division III AutoCross competitions[1].

DiRT 4 Edit

Icon SpeedcarXtrem
DiRT 4 Speedcar Xtrem
GameDiRT 4
Power120 bhp
Transmission6 Speed - Manual Sequential
Weight312 kg
Engine600cc / Straight 4
Other information
Price18,000 Cr.

The Speedcar Xtrem is a Crosskart in DiRT 4. It is unique in the game as being the only vehicle that can be used in more than one discipline (being usable in both Landrush and Rallycross).

Liveries Edit

  • Speedcar
  • Elonex Motorsport
  • K&N
  • #8 Abrahamsson Motorsport
  • #23 EggerSport
  • #57 GSKRX
  • #111 JS Renntechnik
  • #3 Mahler Motorsport
  • #33 Compomotive
  • #58 Winterstoke Racing

References Edit

  1. Speed Car - Industrias Lahoz

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