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The Scott Schwalbe Super Buggy (aka Stadium Buggy in DiRT 3) is a CORR Super Buggy in Colin McRae DiRT, and a Landrush vehicle in DiRT 3.

Colin McRae DiRT Edit

Scott Schwalbe Super Buggy
Dirt Scott SchwalbeSuperBuggy
DisciplineCORR Super Buggy
Power300 bhp/tonne
Torque215 Nm
Wheelbase2,612 mm

“This is lighter than Aaron Hawley's Super Buggy, and produces more horsepower. It's got a shorter wheelbase, which makes it faster than the opposition. Before you run out and buy it though, it does get a bit rough through jumps and landings, so make sure you measure the jumps before you take flight.”
— Travis Pastrana

Liveries Edit

  • Janspeed
  • Magnetti Marelli
  • Hella
  • Koni
  • Mountain Dew

DiRT 3 Edit

Stadium Buggy
GameDiRT 3
Power210 bhp
Weight800 kg

“The Landrush Stadium Buggy is a unique, lightweight, mid-engined, rear-wheel drive chassis, perfectly designed to tackle the jumps and bumps of the Landrush tracks. With its high-revving engine, it takes skill to get the best out of this buggy.”
Car Viewer description

Liveries Edit

  • Castrol Racing
  • Koni Motorsport
  • Brembo Racing (can be unlocked via the VIP-Pass)
  • Oxy Motorsport
  • Garmin Motorsport
  • Reddmango Racing
  • Alpinestars Motorsport
  • Recaro Racing
  • BP Ultimate Team
  • Puma Motorsport
  • Monster Energy Racing

External links Edit

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