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Saturn sky
The Saturn Sky features in the Formula Drift championship, and has been designed to be as manouvreable as possible. With over 800bhp on tap, and a drift-tuned chassis, this is one of the fastest cars in the Gymkhana class.

- Car Viewer description

The Saturn Sky is a Gymkhana car in DiRT 3 and a Hoonigan car in DiRT Showdown. It is only available in DiRT 3 by purchasing the Mud & Guts Car Pack.


DiRT 3Edit

Power: 800bhp

Weight: 1,100kg

Drive: RWD

DiRT ShowdownEdit

Power: 10/10

Weight: 7/10

Handling: 8/10


DiRT 3Edit

  • Team Falken Tire
  • Slime Motorsport
  • Kenwood Racing
  • Recaro Racing
  • Nixon Competition

DiRT ShowdownEdit

  • Falken
  • Flip
  • Vestal
  • Slime
  • LuK


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