Following successes of the 1995 World Rally Championship with the Ibiza 1.8 16v driven by Erwin Weber in the Rally of Portugal and Acropolis Rally in 2WD catagory, SEAT participated the following year in the WRC 2-litre engine category with the SEAT Ibiza Kit Car. Eventually, SEAT won the 1996 FIA 2 Litre World Rally Cup title, becoming the first brand to win the world title in its debut year. SEAT Sport also won the following two consecutive 2 Litre WRC championship titles in 1997 and 1998.

DiRT Rally Edit

Icon SEATIbiza Kitcar
DiRT Rally Ibiza Kitcar
GameDiRT Rally
DisciplineF2 Kit Car Rally
Power270 bhp @ 8800 rpm
Transmission6 Speed
Weight960 kg
EngineFront / Straight 4

The SEAT Ibiza Kitcar is a F2 Kit Car in DiRT Rally, added to the game with the Tarmac Terrors Update.

Liveries Edit

  • Kicker
  • Stilo
  • Forge Motorsport
  • Snap-on Racing
  • #10
  • #3
  • #21

DiRT 4 Edit

Icon SEATIbiza Kitcar
DiRT 4 SEAT Ibiza Kitcar
GameDiRT 4
DisciplineF2 Kit Car
Power270 bhp
Transmission6 Speed - Manual Sequential
Weight960 kg
Engine1,984cc / Straight 4

The SEAT Ibiza Kitcar is an F2 Kit Car in DiRT 4.

Liveries Edit

  • SEAT #15
  • Razer
  • Mintex #51
  • Braid #777
  • Rycote #3

Gallery Edit

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