Robson Avenger
GameDiRT Showdown
PowerStock = 5/10
Fully upgraded = 7/10
StrengthStock = 3/10
Fully upgraded = 5/10
HandlingStock = 5/10
Fully upgraded = 9/10

The Robson Avenger is a Demolition car in DiRT Showdown. As the first demolition vehicle available, the Robson Avenger is a well balanced vehicle with a great potential for handling. It has a low strength and can be easily bullied by the larger vehicles, but also sports a high top speed for relatively easy evasion.

Liveries Edit

  • Hooker Headers
  • No Fear
  • OMP
  • Simpson
  • Skin Industries
  • Dalikfodda
  • Flip
  • Hans

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Avenger resembles a Ford Model B hotrod.
  • This is the first vehicle available in the Showdown demo.

External links Edit

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