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The Nissan Pickup Dakar is a 4x4 Offroad vehicle in Colin McRae Rally 2005 and a Rally Raid T1 truck Colin McRae DiRT.

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Edit

Icon NissanPickup Dakar
Discipline4x4 Offroad
Power280 bhp
Engine3,496cc, V6, 24 valve

Unlocking Edit

The Pickup can be unlocked by attaining 100% completion in Career mode.

Colin McRae DiRT Edit

Icon NissanPickup Dakar
DisciplineRally Raid T1
Power150 bhp/tonne
Torque360 nm
Wheelbase2,800 mm

Colin drove this car himself once, probably for its impressive power to weight ratio and reliability. It's a good car, but does lack a certain spark to compete with ease against the leaders in the class.
— Travis Pastrana, Colin McRae DiRT

Liveries Edit

  • Reverie
  • Stilo
  • Goodridge
  • Nissan