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Based on the fourth generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart Concept was revealed at 2005's SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Most of its bodywork such as the roof and fenders were made out of carbon fibre, its body styling is a mixture of modernity and homage to the older generation Eclipse.

The Eclipse Ralliart Concept is fitted with a six-speed manual transmission found on the Lancer Evo VIII, with RPS triple plate carbon-Fiber clutch. Powering the Eclipse Ralliart Concept is the 400 horsepower-strong 4G63 engine, upgraded with a larger turbo and 264-degree cams made by HKS. The engine also features larger fuel injectors and a high-flow fuel pump, controlled by ECU to accommodate the increased airflow. The ARP head studs were installed to keep the engine from blowing up from the boost.

Colin McRae: DiRT 2Edit

Icon MitsubishiEclipse GT
Mitsubishi eclipse gt
GameDiRT 2
Top speed8/10
Top speed7/10
Top speed9/10

The Mitsubishi Eclipse GT is a Rally, Rallycross and Trailblazer car in Colin McRae DiRT 2.


  • Dalik Fodda
  • Eibach
  • Breed
  • Slime
  • DC Shoes

Gallery Edit

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