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DiRT Showdown Edit

Jupiter San Marino
Jupiter San Marino - DiRT Showdown
GameDiRT Showdown
PowerStock = 7/10
Fully upgraded = 9/10
StrengthStock = 5/10
Fully upgraded = 7/10
HandlingStock = 3/10
Fully upgraded = 5/10
Other information

The Jupiter San Marino is a Race vehicle in DiRT Showdown. A muscle car with high power and strength, the Jupiter San Marino holds well against rival vehicles, though its excessive body length reduces stability and handling. The San Marino can be purchased for $25,000.

Liveries Edit

  • K&N Airfilters
  • Kicker
  • Ogio
  • Skin Idustries
  • Snap-On
  • AEM
  • Fat Lace
  • Dalikfodda



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