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The Jupiter Del Rio is a Demolition vehicle in DiRT Showdown. As a classic American inspired muscle car, the Jupiter Del Rio is a fairly balanced vehicle being able to deliver strong hits and absorb a fair amount of damage. It also possesses fair handling and a reasonable top speed






Fully upgradedEdit

Power: 8/10

Strength: 7/10

Handling: 6/10


  • No Fear
  • OMP
  • Simpson
  • Skin Industries
  • Dalikfodda (painted up as a police car)
  • Flip
  • Hans
  • Hooker Headers


  • The Del Rio resembles the 1978 Pontiac Grand Prix.
  • "Del Rio" is a Spanish term meaning "of/from the river". It is also the name of at least four places in the USA, being in California, Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.
  • The Simpson Livery bears a mid-level resemblance to one of the liveries available for the Patriot Surger, a similar vehicle in the Motorstorm series of games.


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