The Jackson Pro-Truck 2 is a stadium truck representative of modern rear-wheel drive short course racing trucks. Its 2WD configuration and its powerful 6-litre V8 engine requires a dedicated driving style.

DiRT 4 Edit

Icon JacksonPro-Truck 2
DiRT 4 Jackson Pro-Truck 2
GameDiRT 4
DisciplineStadium Truck (RWD)
Power700 bhp
Transmission3 Speed - Manual
Weight1,625 kg
Engine6,000cc / V8
Other information
Price300,000 Cr.

The Jackson Pro-Truck 2 is a Stadium Truck (RWD) car in DiRT 4.

It is an unlicensed vehicle.

Liveries Edit

  • Monster Energy Racing #11
  • EBC Brakes #14
  • AM.P Engineering #28
  • Liqui Moly #4
  • Bell Helmets #89
  • Hidaka Motorsport #21
  • OHMHC #40
  • Tannersport #70

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