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Jack is a character in DiRT 3. He is voiced by Daniel Lappaine.


Jack is your in-game mechanic. He will offer you tips on your vehicle setup and talks you through each vehicle in the Car Viewer.


Setup quotesEdit

  • "Choose a short gear ratio for better acceleration, or a long ratio for higher top speed." - Jack explains gear ratios
  • "Increasing the downforce improves a vehicle's grip when cornering, but can reduce its top speed." - explaining downforce
  • "Increasing the suspension stiffness improves cornering, but reduces the vehicle's ability to handle uneven terrain." - explaining suspension
  • "Increased ride height gives the vehicle more ground clearance, useful on uneven terrain, but can reduce its ability to take corners." - explaining ride height
  • "A strong diff encourages oversteer, making powersliding easier. A looser diff generally allows better vehicle control." - explaining differentials
  • "A rear brake bias promotes oversteer on the way into a corner, making powersliding easier, but it can reduce braking efficiency." - explaining brake bias


  • "You're living up to the hype mate, good job!" - when the player wins their first race
  • "OK, the car's ready to go when you are." - when a Gymkhana freeride begins

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