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Colin McRae: DiRTEdit

Icon IcklerJimco
DiRT Ickler Jimco
DisciplineClass 1 Buggy
Power410 bhp/tonne
Torque580 nm
Wheelbase3,048 mm

“I like this buggy a lot. It's neat and nimble, nice and light, with a meaty engine. The power to weight ratio is good, and it's got a short wheelbase, making it reliable around the corners.”
Travis Pastrana

The Ickler Jimco is a Class 1 Buggy in Colin McRae: DiRT.


  • Pipercross
  • Xtrac
  • Mintex
  • OMP
  • BF Goodrich

Colin McRae: DiRT 2Edit

Icon IcklerJimco
DiRT 2 Ickler Jimco
GameDiRT 2
DisciplineClass 1 Buggy
Top speed10/10

The Ickler Jimco (as Brian Ickler Buggy) is a Class 1 Buggy in Colin McRae: DiRT 2.


  • Ickler Motorsports
  • Carharrt
  • Bilstein
  • Koni
  • Flip
  • Ogio

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