After Hyundai Motorsport launched their customer racing programme in 2015, they developed the Hyundai New Generation i20 R5 to compete in WRC-2 class and Group R5 rallying. Compared to Hyundai i20 WRC, it has a smaller intake restrictor which is 32mm compared to 33mm on the latter. It's also has a Ricardo 5-speed sequential gearbox with stick shift as opposed to the 6-speed Sadev sequential gearbox with paddle shift found on its WRC sibling. The i20 R5 has the power output 285 bhp and the torque of 310 lb ft, which the latter's value is higher than the i20 WRC (295 lb ft).

The i20 R5 have gone through 9 months of testing since the January 2016 before its debut at Tour de Corse - Rallye de France in the same year. It eventually scored its first stage win at 2016 Wales Rally GB.

DiRT 4 Edit

Icon HyundaiR5
DiRT 4 Hyundai R5
GameDiRT 4
Power285 bhp
Transmission5 Speed - Manual Sequential
Weight1230 kg
Engine1600 cc / Straight 4

The Hyundai R5 is an R5 rally car in DiRT 4.

It is only available to players who pre-ordered the Day One Edition or Special Edition of the game, and was featured in an exclusive Hyundai community event that ran from June 9th until June 11th 2017[1]. The "DiRT 4" livery was awarded to players who competed in the Hyundai Community Event.

Liveries Edit

  • Hyundai R5
  • #20 DiRT 4 (reward - community event)
  • #3 Rycote
  • #48 Slime

References Edit

  1. DiRT 4 Road Book - 21/04/17 | Codemasters Blog

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