Head 2 Head is a knock-out tournament event in DiRT 3 and a Hoonigan event in DiRT Showdown.

DiRT 3 Edit

Two drivers race across both lane around crossover circuit. The driver comes second will lose the race and will be eliminated, and one of the last driver who won the final is declared the winner of the event.

Crossover Edit

There is also an event somewhat akin to the Head 2 Head in Colin McRae DiRT which is called crossover which is technically Head 2 Head but with a different name

DiRT Showdown Edit

DiRT Showdown Head 2 Head

A Head 2 Head event taking place in Yokohama.

DiRT Showdown gameplay - Head 2 Head at Yokohama03:41

DiRT Showdown gameplay - Head 2 Head at Yokohama

Two drivers race across two mirrored, point-to-point obstacle course as quickly as possible, successfully pulling off tricks along the way. It takes place over two rounds, and at the end of the first round, the drivers switch lanes for a second attempt. The winner is the driver with the fastest aggregate time.

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