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The Ford RS200 Evolution is a Rallycross car in both Colin McRae DiRT 2 and DiRT 3 (known as RS200 Rallycross).

DiRT 2 Edit

Icon FordRS200 Evolution
Ford rs200 evo
GameDiRT 2
Top speed10/10

The RS200 Evolution competed in the British Rallycross Championship. It was driven by Pat Doran, Liam's father.

Unlocking Edit

In Colin McRae DiRT 2, The X-Games Special variant is unlocked when X-Games Europe has been won, and is only usable in Rallycross events.

Liveries Edit

  • Hydrex Rallycross Team
  • Flip
  • Zoo York
  • Monster Energy

DiRT 3 Edit

Icon FordRS200 Rallycross
DiRT 3 RS200 Rallycross
GameDiRT 3
Power560 bhp
Weight1,200 kg

Liveries Edit

  • Doran Motorsport
  • Colin McRae Vision
  • Nixon Competition

Gallery Edit

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