The Ford Mustang GT is a Modern-class Trailblazer car in DiRT 3, and a Hoonigan car in DiRT Showdown.

DiRT 3 Edit

Icon FordMustang GT
Mustang gtr
GameDiRT 3
DisciplineModern Trailblazer
Power700 bhp
Weight1,400 kg
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive
Engine5.0 "Cammer" V8

“The Ford Mustang GT has been built to race. It features a stripped-out body, race-specification chassis, and a heavily tuned engine. With its aggressive aerodynamics package, it's a formidable vehicle on all Trailblazer events.”
Car Viewer description

Unlocking Edit

The Mustang GT is available in the Mud & Guts DLC car pack. Like all other vehicles in the pack, it is available to be purchased separately.

Liveries Edit

  • Concept White
  • Slime Motorsport
  • Hella Racing
  • DC Shoes Race Works

Gallery Edit

DiRT Showdown Edit

Icon FordMustang GT
GameDiRT Showdown

It can be purchased for the price of $33,000.

Liveries Edit

  • Skin Industries
  • Dragon
  • Champion
  • Ohlins

Trivia Edit

  • Although this vehicle is named in-game as "Ford Mustang GT", it is visually the 2004 Mustang GT-R Concept.
  • Despite promotional images for Showdown showing the Mustang as having the Hella Racing livery from DiRT 3, it did not appear in the final game.
  • This car originally appeared in Codemasters' Race Driver: Grid.

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