Built by M-Sport in conjunction with Ford Performance and Ken Block's Hoonigan Racing Division (HRD), the Ford Focus RS RX is the Hoonigan's vehicle of choice for the 2016 FIA World Rallycross Championship campaign. Based on the road going Focus RS, it has undergone extensive modifications to make it competitive on the track. Its production based Ecoboost engine has been upgraded to put out 600 horsepower and fitted with a 45mm air restrictor as per the FIA regulations for Rallycross Supercars.

Despite its short development period, the Focus RS RX proved itself to be a serious contender. Ken Block's teammate, Andreas Bakkerud won three races and 3 podiums, and placed 3rd place overall at the end of 2016 World RX season with it.

DiRT 4 Edit

Icon FordFocus RS RX
DiRT 4 Ford Focus RS RX
GameDiRT 4
DisciplineRX Supercars
Power600 bhp
Transmission6 Speed - Manual Sequential
Weight1225 kg
Engine1998 cc / Straight 4

The Ford Focus RS RX is an RX Supercar in DiRT 4.

Liveries Edit

  • #13 Ford Performance - Andreas Bakkerud
  • #10 Puma
  • #94 Fahlström RX

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Focus RS RX is also the star car in Ken Block's Gymkhana 9 video. The Gymkhana spec of the Focus is featured in Microsoft's racing game, Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain Expansion Pack.
  • Despite being an official World Rallycross Championship driver, Ken Block's livery is not featured in DiRT 4.

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