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The Ford Fiesta HFHV (short for Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle) is a Hoonigan car in DiRT Showdown.

DiRT Showdown Edit

Icon FordFiesta HFHV
GameDiRT Showdown
EngineTurbocharged 2.0L Ford EcoBoost inline-4
Other information
DriversKen Block

The Fiesta HFHV is designed to compete in stage rallies, rallycross, and gymkhana events. In-game it is driven by Ken Block.

Liveries Edit

  • Ken Block Gymkhana 5
  • Ken Block Gymkhana 4
  • Ogio
  • FreestyleXtreme
  • DC Shoes
  • Hans
  • RaceNet Signup (Unlocked by signing up for RaceNet and winning a Showdown Tour event)

Trivia Edit

  • The HFHV is loosely based on the Fiesta RS Rally Car, the main difference being the larger 2.0L engine.
  • Despite the name, the HFHV is not a hybrid vehicle; the word "hybrid" in this sense refers to the multiple divisions the car can compete in.
  • The HFHV is the only of Ken Block's vehicles to appear in more than one installment of his Gymkhana YouTube series, having appeared in both Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial, and Gymkhana 5: Ultimate Urban Playground.

External links Edit

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