DiRT 4 offers a variety of racing disciplines to compete in.

Rally Edit

Drivers compete one at a time on point-to-point courses called "stages". A rally contains several stages, and the driver with the lowest combined time over these stages is declared winner.

Vehicle classes Edit

Landrush Edit

Traditional North American-style "short course" circuit racing, with off-road trucks and buggies. A driver's performance in the Semi-Finals determines their place in either Final A or Final B; Final A offering more points to competitors than the Final B race.

Vehicle classes Edit

Rallycross Edit

Circuit racing on tracks with mixed surfaces of dirt and tarmac.

All 16 entrants compete against each other in groups of 4 to set the fastest time possible, scoring Heat Points based on their performance. The top 12 drivers on the heat leaderboard after 4 heats progress to the Semi-Finals. The top 3 from each Semi-Final progress to the Final.

Vehicle classes Edit

Historic Rally Edit

Identical format to Rally, but with classic racing machinery. Unrefined suspension, tyre and drivetrain technologies make these veteran cars a challenge to drive at racing speed.

Vehicle classes Edit

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