“Welcome to Baja California. It's cooking, and sand seems to get everywhere.”
Ken Block
Baja is a location in Colin McRae: DiRT 2 which hosts Gatecrasher, Landrush, Last Man Standing, Raid, and Rally events.

Courses in Baja are primarily sandy, unmade roads, with occasional tarmac sections. Courses can quickly become technical and feature numerous natural and man-made hazards, including bridge supports, kicker ramps and rocks.



  • Spillway Long
  • Spillway Short


  • Spillway
  • Peninsula Run


  • Ensenada Sprint
  • Ensenada

Last Man StandingEdit

  • Ensenada Sprint
  • Ensenada


  • Ensenada Sprint
  • Ensenada


  • Spillway Short

DiRT Tour events Edit

Main article: Baja (Colin McRae: DiRT 2)/DiRT Tour events

Baja hosts events in the Rookie, Pro, and All-Star divisions.

Gallery Edit

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